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Who We Are & What We Do!

Picks4Sports is the one and only online sports betting directory site on the internet that brings you tested and tried names. Not only do we take loads of time to actually test and try each site that we place on Picks4Sports, but we also become members as well as long-term users. We love the betting site industry, so you can trust our opinion.

What We Do

What we do is simple; we bring you the 10 best sports betting sites online along with the fantasy sports sites and free sports picks sites. Our list is constantly evolving as we discover newer and better betting sites. When testing out betting sites, we go through tons of steps so that we can be sure to only offer you the best betting sites and sports picks from the top handicappers in the world.

The steps we follow include:

  • Finding new betting sites through search engines and forums.
  • Visiting each and every betting site we could possibility think of.
  • Taking a look at the design and overall layout of the sites.
  • Noticing the simplicity of each site.
  • Trying out the non-member areas.
  • Becoming a member and giving the member's area a try.
  • Testing out each and every feature for each and every betting site.
  • Giving points to each site.
  • Ranking each site according to the points we give them.

We don't only rank websites according to our own personal experiences; we also listen to what you, the users have to say. We check out what most people think of each site by reading forum posts and online reviews. We then use the feedback from other users to add or subtract points from a website.

Who We Are & Why We Do It

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We're just a small team of betting site lovers. We built Picks4Sports because we know how important communication and socialization is. After a long day at work, you don't want to have to come home and waste your time on scam and bad betting sites or even betting sites with hidden fees for that matter. That's why we do what we do. We make it as easy as possible for you to find betting sites on the internet that are actually worth using.

By bringing you the very best betting sites online, we feel satisfied. We want to help you place new bets online, easily and on time and even possibly cash in on the biggest winning bet of your life. That's only possible when using quality betting sites like the ones listed on this site.

We started this site for one reason: to help other people that feel frustrated and hopeless in the sports betting world and not just only to help them recoup their sports gambling losses, but to also give them the opportunity to start making money by providing daily winning sports betting picks.

Sadly, more than a few times we have been in the same frustrated situation that you are probably in right now. Whether that ranges from getting a message from your online sports betting website indicating to you about the outcome of a sports bet that you placed, was a loss, or just no clue on how to pick a winning sports bet - We have been there and it sucks. Over the last few years alone, we have placed hundreds of sports bets which allowed us to see tons of sports wagering handicappers data. As a result, we have been able to see which sports betting handicapper was picking winners and conversely, who was not. With that information, we created this site to help you.

The sad thing is that some handicappers really go back on their word for sports gamblers. They claim that they are over 70% in picking winners but without real data you can't trust any handicappers website simply just because they claim. You need to test and see real results in order to know the truth. I only focus on legitimate sports handicapper websites and have eliminated all the scam and fake ones. Yes, this isn't a joke, look at the situation that we can fall into listening to the wrong advise! One competitor with just enough knowledge to sell fake sports picks can literally hurt our pockets and make us lose money. It is one thing to have overly aggressive sports handicappers picks, but being susceptible to negative and poor sports betting advice is all out cruel. In my opinion, bad sports handicappers along with Google placing them high in the search rankings has made a terrible mistake with its new algorithm changes which has hurt some of the really good sports handicappers Google Search Engine Rankings and is trying to move forward as if nothing happened. It is what it is and we all must deal with this but we can't simply stop searching for the best sports handicappers. That's why Picks4Sports was created to help anyone and everyone that is searching for quality reviews of daily sports betting picks from the best handicappers in the world and the best betting sites to place their bets on.

We first started buying sports picks from handicappers that we found online not not only for our own sports bets, but also placing bets for my friends. We began to really understand which sports handicapper had a great success rate and which one's didn't. We were able to watch and monitor all of there picks and see which one had the highest winning percentage and in what sport. One thing we noticed was that every sports handicapper has more knowledge and is more successful in one sport over another. By paying for a lot of different sports picks from different handicappers we were able to see who was real and who wasn't. Naturally, since we paid for so many sports picks over time, we began to recognize a pattern between all of the sports betting handicappers sites. We began to uncover who was wrong, but more importantly who had the best sports betting picks of the day. With that in mind we were able to quickly find the best sports betting handicapper online and without doubt pay for there sports betting picks and then place our bets that much faster without guessing or worrying if we made the right pick.

From that point on, we decided that we were going to leverage that knowledge and reach out to the sports betting individuals, that needed help. Not only have we help many by providing information on listed on this sites, but they have also made a lot of money in the process. The unfortunate thing is that gamblers are not only confused, but they are extremely desperate for help. We can blame our sports picks or bad sports betting handicappers all day long, but that won't help win us money. We have then put together a list of all the best online handicappers and most trustworthy and reputable online sports betting sites. We created a site to help beginners and the seasoned gamblers take control of their online sports betting habits and increase their chances of winning.

With our informational online sports betting site, it is our goal to help you solve two major problems. The first is to help you solve which handicapper to choose and trust. We're sure that is how you found this site since you are most likely looking for help or a resolution for the sports bets you placed and lost. The second is to help you make a significant amount of money just like many do following the same process that we use to buy sports picks and place bets online. If you follow the same process that we do and work with the best handicappers, you are bound to not only stop wasting time searching to buy sports picks online, but you will make incredible amounts of money doing so. Our goal is to help resolve your betting issues and also help you prosper in the process.


What's To Come

Although we're a small team of workers, we work really hard. Don't get us wrong, we love our job, but we never stop betting. Our job includes wagering on new betting sites in order to find the best of the best. By always trying out new betting sites, we can be made aware of the latest betting sites on the internet. This allows us to always keep our list updated and useful.

Our mission is to continue bringing you the best in the online sports betting industry for many more years to come. So add us to your bookmarks and keep coming back to see what new, what's in and what's out!

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