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DaftDay is unlike any regular fantasy sports site. This site allows you to join multiple leagues from free buy-ins up to $1000. You won't have to join just one league at a time; when using this site, you get to join and buy-in into as many fantasy leagues as you want.

This fantasy sports environment is one of a kind and will allow you to create your own league, invite friends and create new fantasy games.

  • DraftDay lets you enter daily fantasy sports contests. Playing fantasy sports pools is a great way to have some fun on the internet with your frineds or strangers.
  • You get to choose any nickname of your choice before joining. Users draft players each day to make up their fantasy teams, which then compete in free or real money games.
  • Your awarded cash prizes points are based on the individual performances of each player on your roster, and those total points determine your team's overall score.
  • DraftDay always has tons of pools and people playing fantasy sports online making it a great way to spend some free time.
  • You can see what available games are coming up which include daily fantasy football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.
  • DraftDay offers a wide variety of real money games, with buy ins ranging from $1 to $200. Prizes vary depending on the number of entrants.
  • Deposit Method: DraftTeam accepts all major credit/debit cards and PayPal.
  • Payout Method: PayPal accounts or check.

    For details, you may contact DraftDay Support at support @ draftday.com.

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  • DraftDay brings you the ability to have fun with fantasy sports on your computer screen from the moment you open up the website.
  • Since it's a unique concept, you won't find this type of fantasy site anywhere else online.
  • DraftDay is absolutely free to use and there are no hidden fees.
  • Fast servers make for a great experience without any lag.
  • DraftDay offers a huge variety of free and real money games.
  • Buy-ins ranging from $1 to $200.

No noticeable drawbacks have been spotted other than the fact that you need to become a member in order to benefit from promotions and bonuses. Joining is a free process that takes only about 2 minutes to complete.

DraftDay doesn't follow the traditional fantasy football site style. When you enter this website, you're brought to a fantasy pool environment where you can see the list of games, the user entries, prize money, and start dates well as whether they are a free, real-money or guaranteed pools. Click on any fantasy game of your choice to begin drafting your players.

To make things even more interesting, click on draft your team first and then enter your team into as many pools as you wish. DraftDay allows you to build a fantasy team on your computer screen in real time and in no time! If you're looking for a new type of fantasy league where you can play daily fantasy and spend shorter amounts of time, instead of the season long leagues, you'll love DraftDay.

Get rid of awkward traditional fantasy pools with the same people. With an intuitive layout, a simple one-page fantasy game and no hidden fees, this is the best way to spend some time and get a chance to play with people from all over the globe and have a chance to win huge cash fantasy pools.

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