Top 5 Best Fanatasy Sports Betting Sites
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#1 Easy & Fast Salary Cap Draft Format!
New Contests Every Single Day
Winners Paid Right After The Games
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#2 Up to $600 Matching Deposit Bonus!
Refer a Friend Receive $15!
VIP Rewards $3000 Freerolls
#3 Get Free Entry ($27 Value)
Daily leagues - no season-long commitment
Over $1 BILLION guaranteed Prizes!
#4 20% Deposit Bonus
Freerolls for cash, Star Points, Prizes
Big Cash Fantasy Sports Tournaments
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#5 $50,000 Guaranteed Grand Slam!
Free, under $10 & over $10 Fantasy Pools!
Daily and Weekly Fantasy Sports contests
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Top 5 Sites for Fantasy Sports Betting!

Welcome to our list of top rated fantasy sports betting sites online. Here you will find the best of the best; the only fantasy sports betting sites that are actually worth using. After testing each fantasy sports site known to mankind, we have come up with this awesome list that will allow you to save tons of time and get straight into the action. Check out each site or browse through our reviews to see which site you would like best. We even mention quick information about each site to make your decision that much easier to make such as the average amount of fantasy pools, quick details about features and more. We really do take the guesswork out of choosing a quality fantasy sports site so you can focus on playing fantasy sports.

How we Find Sites with the Best Fantasy Sports Leagues

In order to bring you the best list of top rated fantasy sports betting sites possible, we become active members of established fantasy sports sites that feature one-day leagues. This allows us to rate the features of all sites so that we can keep an open mind and compare all features possible. This also allows us to notice immediately when one of these sites lacks certain features.

By becoming active users and playing in one day fantasy sports pools, we get to play around with the different features, we get to see how these fantasy sites treat users and we even see how easy to use each site is. We take the time to really get to know each and every website we review so that we can be sure that the fantasy sports sites we place in our list are the absolute best.

When new fantasy sports betting sites pop up, we do the same and when we notice that a new fantasy sports betting site is better than the ones listed here, we update our list. That's one heck of a good a reason to add this page to your bookmarks, you can do that by pressing Ctrl+D on your keyboard at the same time.

Why You Should Play in Fantasy Sports Leagues

Fantasy sports sites are amazing! These sites allow you to bet online from all over the globe. You get to instantly play any fantasy pool. It's a much easier solution than playing in a league which requires you to manage your team daily and you need to play for the whole season. In fact, most sports betting pools with over $10 Million cash prizes paid out every week actually are one-day fantasy sports games for anyone who wishes to join fantasy sports leagues. If you compare daily fantasy sports sites to traditional fantasy sports leagues sites, you can clearly see that sites with live daily fantasy sports betting have the upper hand. You get to choose when to you want to play daily fantasy Football, MLB, NBA, NHL Leagues for cash, join one day leagues with no season long commitment. Over 100,000+ fantasy sports leagues open every day, and you get to play in as many as you'd like. You get to choose salary cap format pools and draft the players you want in minutes with millions of dollars in real cash prizes paid out every time the league ends. weekly fantasy sports pools are taking over the online fantasy sports industry, and if you enjoy playing in fantasy Football, MLB, NBA, NHL Leagues, you'll fall in love with one day fantasy sports betting sites we list on Picks4Sports after your first try!

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