Picks4Sports FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

How do you know which sites to place on the top 5 list?

By testing out each and every Betting site we can come across. We give each betting site points for design, layout, simplicity of use, overall features, trust, receiving winnings, fees and much more. We then add user feedback to the points. By combining those points and points from several other aspects, we can come up with one global point for each site; then we place the sites in order.

Do all of the sites listed offer free sports picks?

No, not all of the sites listed at Picks4Sports offer free picks. Many of the sites have free daily sports picks and some are 100% free, but not all. Please read each handicapping sports betting site for more pricing details.

Do all of the sites listed offer sports betting bonuses?

No, not all of the sites listed at Picks4Sports offer betting bonuses. Many of the sites offer first time members between 25% to 50% up to $500 in betting bonuses, but not all. Please read each betting site's review.

I don't see my favorite betting site listed here or my favorite sports handicapper; should I let you know about it?

Please do! Although we are already swamped with betting sites to test out, we love adding new betting sites to our list along with proven sports handicappers. If you know of a betting site that isn't listed here or any sports handicapping site, let us know and we will add it to our list of sites to test if it's not already there.

Are all of the betting sites listed for adults only?

Yes, all the betting sites that are available for people must be of legal adult age to place a bet online. Please read each betting site's review in order to see the legal adult age requirements.

Are any of these betting sites frauds?

No, these betting sites have been tried and tested by our team. We have become members at every site listed on Picks4Sports and we would never list a fraud on our list of top betting sites & sports handicapping sites.

I had a bad experience with a betting site; how do I make you aware of it?

If you have had a bad experience with one of the betting sites listed here, please let us know by using the contact form.

You can find the contact form here: http://www.picks4sports.com/contact/

When are the winners handed out?

All winners are presented in January for the previous year. Check back regularly in January to see which sports handicapping & betting site has won which category.

Who picks out the winners?

Using user feedback, our own user experience, special algorithms and many other factors, we pick the winners for each category.

How do I contact Picks4Sports if I have a question about the site, an idea to make it better or an inquiry on a potential partnership?

We would love to hear from you and you can contact us 3 ways: