Top 10 Betting Winners

We Make Things Fun by Giving Honor and Achievement Trophies  to Top Betting Sites!

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Site of the Year Trophy


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Best Sports Betting Trophy

Winner: BoDog

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Privacy Policy Trophy


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User Experience Trophy

Winner: CarbonSports

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Best Value Trophy

Winner: BetOnline

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Fastest Growing Trophy

Winner: Bovada

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Sports Handicapping Trophy

Winner: Bovada

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Innovative Site Trophy

Winner: TopBet

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Most Traffic Trophy


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Best New Site Trophy


At Picks4Sports, we take the time to recognize the best betting sites on the Internet. We do so by giving them virtual trophies. Picks4Sports feels it's highly important to recognize the best of the best; the betting environments that make you feel at home. With plenty of betting sites all over the web, it's extremely important to us to bring you all a condensed list of quality betting sites. By doing so, you get a full list of quality betting sites without having to do any of the research yourself. Our winners section is an even more condensed list with the absolute best betting sites divided into several categories.

How We Pick Our Winners

Picking the winners of our best betting site trophies is a whole process. We don't just select sites that seem appealing and hand out trophies for no reason. We take the required time to make sure that each and every site that gets awarded is chosen for a reason. Here are certain procedures that go into the whole selection process.

  • We first compile a bunch of related data that tells us why a site deserves to be placed among the best betting sites. This data is a combination data compiled from betting analyst. For instance, we take a look at the reviews that are placed on each site listed at Picks4Sports. We take a look at online forums to see what others are saying about each betting site. We even look at recent trends to see how popular each site has been recently.
  • We test the most popular betting sites. We have team members who dedicate several days just to test out each site and see whether or not it has what it takes to become a Picks4Sports Trophy winner. We don't just quickly look at the site and then judge the book by its cover; we test every feature and every single aspect of the sites.
  • Once we have collected all of this data, we compare it to the data that our proprietary formula gives us. Our formula is basically a very accurate algorithm that helps determine whether betting site is popular, gets a lot of attention and much more. The formula is even capable of determining which Trophy a site should receive.
  • Finally, we take the data from our proprietary formula and the data that we collect for inside and outside sources to narrow down the winners. We choose which Trophy category each of these top betting sites should belong to and we make our educated picks. This leaves you with the very best betting sites on the Internet according to categories that define them to perfection.

Why We Give Betting Site Trophies

Giving recognition to the best betting sites on the Internet is very important to us because we are regular betting site users. Our entire team is built up of betting site users who love placing bets on the Internet. After noticing that no other betting site directory was able to provide quality lists of the best sports betting sites online, we decided it was time for a change.

Our trophies idea came from the lack of quality betting site lists. By handing out trophies to the top webcam betting sites; we can provide the entire world with a list that makes it easier to place bets online. All you need to do is check out this list every year and you will be given amazing information regarding online betting sites. With these trophies, you can easily pick a betting site that will suit your betting preference.

What Picks4Sports Trophy Winners Receive

All right, now here is where it gets interesting; we actually reward our Trophy winners. We don't just give each winner recognition in our trophies section; we actually help them grow. Becoming a Picks4Sports Trophy winner pays off because we provide each winner with tons of bonuses that will get them more visitors and tons of traffic so they can grow even more. Here is a list of the perks that each winner receives.

  • Their website is place on our home page to maximize their exposure and give their traffic a boost.
  • We provide each winner with a seal that they can embed onto their website. This seal lets their users know that they were picked as an Trophy winner at Picks4Sports.
  • A press release is written and published online for every one of the Trophy winners. This is huge because it gives the winners more exposure and the exposure is in a positive light.
  • The winners also receive tons of social media attention on our pages. We basically talk about the winners on our social media pages such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more, which gives them more traffic.

Trophy Descriptions

The trophies are all split up into different categories because we wanted to recognize sites for different aspects of success. The top online betting sites are picked once every year during the month of January. At that time, we pick a winner for each of the following categories and place them on this web page.

  • Site of the Year Trophy: This Trophy is given to the best overall website. This Trophy winner has been able to excel in all categories combined and had the highest overall rating in all picking methods.
  • Best Sports Betting Trophy: This Trophy is given to the best online sports betting site that has been able to provide users with the best experience and value for online sports gambling.
  • User Experience Trophy: This Trophy is given to the online betting site that has been able to provide users with the best experience.
  • Fastest Growing Trophy: The winner of this Trophy is a online betting site that has shown more growth than any other betting site on the Internet.
  • Innovative Site Trophy: This Trophy is handed to the betting website that has innovated with a new feature or a unique perk that has never been seen before.
  • Privacy Policy Trophy: The betting site that wins this is Trophy has been able to provide their users with the most user privacy. This means the don't require users to give out their information and they provide the most secure betting platform online.
  • Best Value Trophy: This Trophy is given to the betting site that has the lowest rates and biggest promotions and bonuses. This site has the lowest prices when depositing money into your account, or when cashing out. This site also offers the biggest bonuses, promotions and prizes to its members.
  • Highest Payouts Trophy: The winner of this Trophy is the online betting site that has the most payouts online at any given moment.
  • Most Traffic Trophy: This Trophy is given to the sports wagering site that has received the most traffic. This site has had more visitors than any other betting site on the Internet.
  • Best New Site Trophy: This Trophy is given out to the newest betting site online. This means the site has had a huge impact and gained international recognition in the online gaming industry.

If you know of a website that deserves to get an Trophy from Picks4Sports, feel free to let us know. Here are 3 easy ways to contact us: